Art Of The Underground Single Series #22

by Gordon Gano's Army

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7" single release on Art Of The Underground. Limited to 250 and released as part of the single series subscription.

Recorded by Rich Smith and Russ Smith utilising kitchen drums, upstairs bass amp and downstairs guitar amp.

Actually, bass was DS2 pedal running through peavey guitar head with bass cranked up. Pretty sure.

But seriously what great tunes eh.

And don't forget to check dem lyrics. I put my heard and soul into that.


released January 6, 2007



all rights reserved


Gordon Gano's Army Chandler'S Ford, UK

GGA. We played from 2005 - 2008. More shows in the US than gigs in the UK.

Records on At The Library, AARBR and Art of the Underground.

Toured with Plan-it-x bands and Lemuria.

Had a jolly good time and drank lots of tea.
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Track Name: Get Lost (Gonna Run Away)
there's no time for going backwards
we've been here a few times now
the days roll in
the weeks roll out
you're upside down an inside out

my my, where does the time go?
heard that one a few times now
she says i can't hear you
cuz i don't wanna hear you

hold on for dear life
stop the future from slippin away
save up just to get by
put all your hopes in a holiday

she wastes another year at the job she hates
doesn't see a penny of the money she makes
she's got a molotov cocktail
a match to go
she's tryin a get through
but you don't wanna know

gonna run away with yourself some day
get lost in a place where nobody will find you
gonna run away an start again some day
get lost in a place where nobody knows who you are
Track Name: Long Way Down (Who You Really Are)
well i can feel your breath behind me
and i see the long way down
i know there's only so much time left
before i lose my grip and turn away from this town

and i could travel round the world
lookin for somewhere to call my home
but i'll just end up runnin in circles
til i have nothing to call my own

cat's got the kettle on for tea
but there's a parked car waiting for me
future, friendship, escapology

and sometimes all i need is some floor space
something to pretend is a bed
there are some times when it's all so simple
i just close my eyes, only exist in my head

sometimes it takes getting lost in a foreign place
to recognise who you really are
sometimes i just jump in at the deep end
and think about it later
la la la

it's a killer
it'll tear my heart in two
it's a head fuck
a really tough one
it's gonna tear my heart in two