Gordon Gano's Army

by Gordon Gano's Army

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*I gotta add more track to this! Coming Soon*

Our full length album, released on Art of the Underground Records in 2008 on CD and LP. Maybe still got some?

Recorded without any 'digital' effects, except for the final master. Analogue effects include: corridor mic, outside drum kit, coke bottle on amp, snake mascot, seagulls, headband and shades.

Toured album with Lemuria in the same year.


released August 1, 2008

All tracks written and recorded by Russ and Rich Smith.

Band is:

Russ - Guitar and Vox
Rich - Drums and Vox
Tony - Bass



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Gordon Gano's Army Chandler'S Ford, UK

GGA. We played from 2005 - 2008. More shows in the US than gigs in the UK.

Records on At The Library, AARBR and Art of the Underground.

Toured with Plan-it-x bands and Lemuria.

Had a jolly good time and drank lots of tea.
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Track Name: First Song
it's good to see your face at last
it's been so long and time goes by so fast
my life is strange and beautiful
so much has changed but still i feel alone

are you ever thinking of coming back to visit me?
it always seems like a possibility
i am lookin inside to answer questions in my life
how are you?
tell me something new

talkin always brings frustration
all these words come fallin out of my mouth
and i regret it
lookin inside and tryin to embrace it
time is now to get to grips with myself
on my own time

it's good to hear from you i've been
spending time thinkin and listenin
it's funny i know what you mean
i feel alone but find it comforting

i am gonna be there in a month or so from now
maybe i'll see you
i'd like to
i am lookin inside to answer questions in my life
what are you up to?
tell me something new

i talk so much i disappear
to stop and think is such a good idea
Track Name: Crossroads
a crossroads
a turning point
call it whatever you will
a dead end or a blind alley
i'm lost for ideas and i don't have a clue

now i'm trying to understand
trying to compromise

amazing what a blinded heart can do
fail to see what's plain and clear in front of you

i'm getting caught on the thought of leaving
stuck on stickin round with you
caught on the thought of leaving
i'd stay if you'd just ask me to

a weak point
a glass jaw
everyone's got one and i've got mine
a wrong turn
or a new direction
it depends where you stand and where you're loyalties lie

a crossroads
a turning point
call it what ever you will
i am looking forward
i've been here before and i know the drill

you took me by surprise
i wasn't ready for it